IT’S ALIVE! Kombucha: Modern day “Jesus juice” 3 Brand Review 🍄💦

Kombucha is literally out here formulating sanity left & right! As bitter as it can taste, this fermented tea works wonders on the mind, body & soul!

Now, I’m not going to get all “science-y” here, as this is just a review, but Kombucha is known to be SO powerful, that if consumed daily (in moderation), it has the ability to CURE cancer! Yes…CAN-CER! We all know how clingy Cancers can be, in more manifestations than one! But Kombucha literally latches on the the toxins and drags them out with it when we urinate! Talk about the body being a machine! Sometimes all we need is a little alcohol to get the gears back going, so why not avoid the hangover and actually GAIN mental clarity!?

Any who, over the long course of about a week, I drink 3 different brands on Kombucha…and when I say ALL Kombucha is not created equal…I mean it.

Disclaimer: There are many factors that could have effected the taste, potency and consistency of each brand that I consumed. These reviews are strictly from my experience alone & not the general population.

KeVita – Lavender Melon

Initial impression: Starting out with KeVita in the flavor, “Lavender Melon”, I HAVE to say “WOW!“. This drink was certainly fermented to a T, as my first sip literally woke me up like a shot of Tequila (**I actually had to read the label again to make sure life didn’t “auto-correct” my purchase to “Don Julio“). With that said, I personally found that to be a great thing! When eating on the healthier side of life, I’m not a huge fan of things tasting anything other than it “should”. Like, if I wanted kool-aid, I would have bought it, ya know? So, the fact that this drink still gave me the Kombucha “KA-POW!”, regardless of all the lavender & melon-y goodness mixed in, made me excited to continue drinking it.

Flavor: Speaking of the lavender melon-y goodness, I loved the taste of the lavender, which wasn’t too overpowering, and the melon was deliciously present in the under tones of it all.

Effect: As far as how it made me feel, I was blessed with a burst of much needed energy, yet not “jittery” energy; the energy you have when you have an extremely fun night but ALSO a great nights sleep to follow. I was alert & even happier within 15 mins of drinking from this bottle. So that let me know that this was pretty good quality Kombucha!

Rating: On a scale of 1-5 (5 being, I’d give this bottle a 4.5!

Suja Organic – Pineapple Passionfruit

Initial impression: Upon my first sip of this brand, I knew I’d be done drinking the entire bottle in a LEAST 30 mins. If you’re going for a less obvious Kombucha taste, Suja Organic in Pineapple Passionfruit will steal your heart and transform the key into another heart just for kicks and giggles. It was SO. GOOD.

Flavor: The overall flavor was very sweet for a kombucha drink, with a perfect balance of pineapple & passionfruit. Very “juice-like”…even the “carbonation” wasn’t super apparent (though still there). I feel like I’d be more likely to grab this brand when I actually want to drink kombucha with a meal.

Effect: With the sweetness of it all, I kind of think that a lot of the kombucha aspects were slightly diminished as this drink didn’t really give me what I was expecting in terms of liveliness & focus. It actually just left me wanting another bottle (which isn’t entirelyyy a bad thing).

Rating: 3.675

Humm – Coconut Lime

Initial impression: Simply seeing the bottle itself made me want to try it! From the shape to the art work, it appealed to my slightly vain Libra moon immediately. Kind of smaller compared to the other two, but it was worth a try!

Flavor: ERR. MY. GERD. If you love the taste of coconut, then this will literally blow your mind! I was actually shocked at how well the coconut taste came through the strong taste of Kombucha in its original form, but it was a job well done! With a little hit of lime (…but let’s be honest, who cares about lime when your entire life has be granted in the hands of that coconut, YAAASS!) Not as strong in carbonation as KeVita, but not as juice-y as Suja. Very refreshing in the 99 degree weather that it was consumed in!

Effect: Honestly…I had NEVER felt more alive from Kombucha in my life! I was so alert & so chipper that literally nothing could take my eyes off of my goals that day. Coffee, who? Woah…I could truly say I was living my best life…completely unwilling & UNABLE to go back & forth with any ignorance thereafter. Humm definitely did what it appeared in my awareness to do…and that was to serve me pure liquid, yeasty, greatness!

Rating: 4.897

Overall, all 3 brands were worth the gulps & I’d likely buy them all again. Paying attention to what you need and desire helps in deciding what effects & flavor that you want for any given day and with any given thing that you’re consuming.

Hope this review helped!

Thrive on.

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